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 Succession Planning:

The departure of the key person in an organization requires much forethought and work with the board, the staff and the community as well as the departing executive. To be effective, it must be much more a process than a one-time plan on a piece of paper.  

When your organization has a visible and well-prepared succession plan, it signals to your employees that you’re focused on their long-term future by protecting your organization from the havoc that a poorly planned transition can cause.  It provides reassurance to funders and clients and helps preserve their confidence in your organization because they know that it will continue to provide services without interruption.  It puts more focus on developing talent from within your organization. People will know that with targeted education, training, and coaching, they could move into key positions. This boosts overall motivation, morale, and satisfaction in the organization.

We work with the key stakeholders of your organization to develop a succession or transition plan that will ensure the longterm success of the organization.  We support and educate the board and staff through the entire succession planning process to instill confidence throughout the transition.  The Succession Planning Process typically takes at least a month.   The Transition Process from Planning stage through the transition typically takes 9 months.  We provide coaching to the outgoing Leader before and during the Transition and to the new Leader during and for 2 - 3 months after the transition.


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