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 Board Training

The knowledge and strength of the Board of Directors often determines the success of the non profit organization. Dynamic Change works with Boards to provide training and expertise at various times of transition.  We are often called to assist in providing knowledge and skills to newly formed organizations who do not yet have a board committee structure or a fully formed board.  We work with boards of directors who need to better understand their role as financial stewards of the organization and teach them how to provide effective financial oversight. We also work with growing non profits who have a Board of directors unfamiiar with their role in fundraising and outreach to the community.   And finally, we work with boards of directors experiencing a leadership transition at either the board or the executive director level.    

We begin with a cost free consultation with the Board Chair and the Executive Director to determine the needs of the organization.  We follow that with a detailed proposal to be voted on by the full board.   Each organizations needs are different and we find that each one needs a different level of training for their board members depending on the life stage of the non profit they serve and the particiular challenges they are facing.   


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