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 Organizational Assessments for Non-Profit Organizations

Dynamic Change engages in organizational assessment for a variety of reasons.   The assessment process is a necessary component  and good starting point for most capacity building endeavors.    We do organizational assessment as a first step in our Sustainability Plans, Strategic Plans and Funding Plans and they are very useful for organizations where we are engaged for Executive Coaching as well.    

We assess all areas of the organization including its purpose, governance structure, funding model, sustainability, program effectiveness, leadership and financial management as well as use of social media.  We often use the McKenzie Assessment Grid as a tool for determining where organizations are in their effectiveness but also the tool clearly shows different levels of organizational effectiveness and therefore gives a clear picture of what the next level of effectiveness looks like.   We engage the Board of Directors and key leadership in the assessment process.    

Focus groups are sometimes used in organizational assessments and we facilitate focus groups for organizations who are ready and willing to look at the community perception of their organization.  


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