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 Organizational Development & Organizational Management

Organizational Development and Organizational Management can be challenging for non-profit organizations.   Many non-profits begin because of the passion of a founder to fulfill a need or injustice in their community.  Passion matters but it can only carry an organization so far.  Good organizational structure and management helps an organization grow and thrive and ultimately do a better job of serving their community.   We work with the Board, Executive Director and leadership to build a solid organizational infrastructure, strengthen leadership and identify the best way to grow and expand the organizations reach and improve its programs and internal operations.   Which includes strengthening the organization to better serve its community or strengthen the organization to prepare for multi-city or multi-state expansion.  

We believe that solid a organizational structure and strong, well trained leadership is a key to making a difference and to being able to fundraise successfully to continue making that difference

Our services includes the review of and assistance with:

  • Staffing & Volunteers
  • Data management
  • Program Development & Management 
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Internal & External Communications policies, branding and social media
  • Operational efficiency & effectiveness
  • Leadership training
  • Expansion to multi-site operations


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