Fundraising and Grant Writing

Every non-profit organization needs to be able to Fundraise to be able to accomplish their mission. Even if your organization largely operates on volunteers, the bottomline is that money matters.

In our experience we have found they the best way to continue to raise the funds to carry out an organizations mission is too create a "fundable" organization that not only meets a need and serves it clients well, but one that also serves its funders well. We help you to position your organization to fundraise more effectively through Fund Development Plans and Grant Writing Training. Our Fund Development Planning process is much more intensive than our Grant Writing Training and can be very beneficial to new organizations, organizations that have struggled with fundraising and established organizations that have not yet developed a solid approach to fundraising. Our Grant Writing Training is recommended for organizations that have established a solid fundraising approach but staff that is new to grant writing.


 Fund Development Plans

A Fund Development Plan’s goal is to identify a diversified approach to meet the organizations budget needs. It includes actionable strategies to accomplish each funding goal and assigns a responsible party to each strategy. Our Fund Development Planning process involves the Board, the Executive Director and appropriate staff members. Our Fund Development Planning process covers:

    • Budgeting
    • Branding
    • Diversifying Funding Streams
    • Grant Prospecting
    • Funding Templates
    • A written plan to include strategies, a timeline and responsible parties


 Grant Writing Training

Our Grant Writing training is targeted to grant writers and Executive Directors that are new to writing Grants to Private and Corporate Foundations. This training covers:

    • Prospecting
    • Developing a Template or Case Statement
    • Maintaining relationships with Funders


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