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 About Dynamic Change Consulting

Dynamic Change provides individualized consulting services to social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations for the purpose of increasing sustainability and the ability to provide services to vulnerable populations.

We have worked in the non-profit industry since 1991 and have been consulting on a national basis with small to medium sized businesses since 1993.   Dynamic Change was founded in 2007 as we moved to dedicate ourselves to helping other non-profit leaders.  We provide our clients with individualized solutions and guidance to move their organizations forward.   We believe in Best Practices but we also understand that every organization has a unique environment and set of circumstances that require more than canned solutions to truly make a difference.  

We have first-hand experience in growing a successful multi-state organization.  We have had the benefit of working with and learning from other successful non-profit leaders across the country as well.  We are experienced and successful non-profit leaders that can help you move forward and make a difference.  Call us today!

 Sharon Rohrbach

Sharon is an author, speaker and national consultant to non-profits and health agencies. She is a recipient of several national awards including the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award, the Oprah Winfrey "Use Your Life" award, the Woman's Day magazine "Woman Who Inspire Us" and the national Excellence Award for Community Service presented by the Association of Woman's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing, and the Civic Ventures Purpose Prize. ..more


 Sharon's areas of expertise include:

 Robin Kinney

Robin is a both a non-profit and for-profit entrepreneur.  She understands what it takes to bring an idea from concept to a multi-state operation.  

Robin has successfully worn many non-profit hats including Founder, Executive Director, Operations Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Grant writer, Database Developer and Tech Support.   ...more 


 Robin's areas of expertise include:

 A few notables:


Over 20 Years Non-Profit Experience


Creating organizations that make a difference


Local & National Leadership awards