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 Strategic Planning & Capacity Building

Our approach to Strategic Planning is to involve the Board, staff and relevant stakeholders in the planning process to assure the buy in and ongoing engagement of all relevant parties. In an effort to assure that the strategic plan is effective, we help the organization to develop a plan that is simple to understand and easy to use. It is an electronic document kept on the desktop of the ED and progress reported to the Board through a dashboard report at each Board meeting. We believe that Strategic Planning does strengthen an organization and help to move it forward when the plan is implemented and followed through. We add a One Year detailed Implementation Plan and a Monitoring Plan into our Strategic Plan to insure that there is accountability and follow through which will result in an effective implementation for the organization.

What we offer:

  • Strategic Planning session  - This is a 1 day facilitation of a Strategic planning meeting. This includes a 1 day pre and 1 day post meeting with the Executive Director and Board President.
  • Strategic Planning and Capacity Building Process - This is a longer term, more comprehensive process that in addition to the 1 day Planning session facilitation, includes an organizational assessment and executive coaching. We believe that it is more effective for an organization to go through a Strategic Planning Process.  Some additional components that we can include in this process are board training and focus groups.


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